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Quay and Elliott will join Band champs the Mercury Brothers representing the Central Iowa, Mississippi Valley, South Skunk, Southeast Iowa and Lizard Creek Blues Societies at the 2015 International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN in January.

"James Taylor, and Merle Haggard are coming to Central Iowa, and an Iowa blues duo has punched their ticket to Memphis." 


Sound Designer and post production Artist

This video is a sound replacement from the trailer for Resident Evil 7. For demo use only.

All sound design projects are created and mixed for professional quality ranging from stereo, to 5.1 surround sound mixes. Sounds are synthesized or recorded originally and mastered in Protools.


Birthday Surprise is a foley composition created for Advanced Sampling Techniques - a class designed to teach students how to record foley and 'everyday' acoustical sounds and then manipulate those sounds to create music. For example; the bass instrument was created using a rubber band, the intro sound was a gameboy, and the lead bell type instrument in the middle of the song was a ceramic bowl. All samples were recorded and manipulated by Quay Thomas.

Heyya was recorded using a 1990's Joe Pass Epiphone guitar, a Fender Jazz Bass, and Roland TR-8 electronic drum set. Then mixed and mastered using Ableton and various Izotope plug-ins.

Self taught and Produced album by Quay created in 2014 before entering the Electronic Production and Design major at Berklee. You can find more music created by Quay Thomas on iTunes and Amazon.

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Here are a few examples of my sound design work using scenes from various films and video games. Each video is used for demo use only. 

This video uses a clip from Adult Swim's Samurai Jack. For demo use only.

Freelance Music Producer and Composer

I am a freelance music producer and composer for corporate clients and other independent media developers. Above are a couple examples of my freelance work. When working with video content, I create and edit music to enhance animations and compliment video design to bring a unified experience to the specified audience. For inquires about videos and project requests please contact me -

Game Audio created, and implemented using Wwise Audio Integration and Unity. This video is live gameplay showcasing my knowledge of audio implementation and sound design.

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